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Dental Health Plan

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Dental Health Plan Payment Policy

You are enrolled in the Dental Health Plan. Upon joining the program, fees are non-refundable once any discount treatment is performed or other benefits are provided, or after 30 days of purchase.

Given the substantial discounts offered under the Dental Health Program, it is imperative the appointments scheduled for the two cleanings covered under your Dental Health Plan be kept. Broken appointments without a 24 hour cancellation notice will count as one of the patient’s covered cleanings. Our Office reserves the right to deny all benefits and treatment under your Dental Health Plan and/or suspend, or terminate a patient’s membership without notice if the patient’s account becomes dilinquent at any time.


This Program Is Not Dental Insurance And Is Only Valid In Our Office.


Insurance benefits or any other discounts may not be combined with this program.


On the anniversary of your plan, your Dental Health Plan will automatically renew and your benefits and credit card drafts will continue as normal. In the event you decide that the Dental Health Plan is not for you, or if you have obtained dental health insurance through your employer, please notify us prior to your renewal date so that we may cancel your plan and discontinue drafting further payments from your credit card.

Pricing for this discount dental plan includes:

All Dental Treatment Provided by a General Dentist
Examinations No Charge
X-Rays No Charge
Oral Cancer Screening with VELscope No Charge
Emergency Examination 50% OFF
All Other Diagnostic Services No Charge
Adult Cleaning No Charge
Child Cleaning No Charge
Periodontal Scaling & Root Planning 15% OFF
Peridontal Maintenance Cleaning 15% OFF
All Preventative Services other than Cleanings 15% OFF
Composite Fillings 15% OFF
Pulpotomies, Simple Root Canals 15% OFF
Comprehensive Treatment 5% OFF
Complete Dentures, Partial Dentures, Crowns, & Bridges 15% OFF
Simple Extractions and Surgical Extractions 15% OFF
Consultations, Sedation, Bleaching & other mis- cellaneous services (excludes all retail products) 15% OFF
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